baccalaureate mass and the end of college as we know it.

I didn’t prepare at all. While everyone was in make up, all I had on was my usual dark wine lipstick and messy hair. I really didn’t like the sleeves of the blouse we had made especially for this occasion, but as we stood, it looked pretty sweet on all 16 of us girls, and that we weren’t the only ones who looked too fancy-slash-retarded.

The rehearsal was my favourite part, naturally. 3 undergraduate degrees under my belt meant 3 times on stage, 3 bows, 3 possible handshakes on the big day and 3 rolls of pseudo-diplomas.

Everyone was laughing at me and with me, saying I should just graduate for them all. It really was unlike any other. It signified the many sleepless nights I forged alone, the many tears shed to get here. I worked for this. I wanted this so badly. So, finally. Finally.

After the many picture taking moments to preserve this day forever and the highest of highs, the biggest possible downer of the day was in the form of a mock exam from the physics department, containing chemical engineering principles. Of 20 questions, I only guessed 2. And I answered everything, saying I give up, I’m happy with my answers to Issy, and she replying, “I’m happy with your answers.” Hahahaha. Let’s just say I answered 5-8 exams today. And I never thought I’d remember anything I’ve learnt..

After more pictures, we headed out to eat, where we proceeded to gorge on hot, delicious food til we reached bursting point: we couldn’t move afterwards. So much laughter, so much rejoicing. We deserved this victory. We ached for this moment more than any other candidate sharing the joy of graduating. And there was cake; a sweet, crazy birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Mabel! She got free ice cream from the wait staff, and all the while, I got sentimental inside. I looked at the happy, laughing faces, and thought about how we forged a friendship from the worst year of our lives, we stand as THE closest graduating class to ever exit our school. To know that we went through the same thing together, to have fought the same battles and won, we are victorious.

I was silent during the homily and memories of everything college was flashed before me; I may love the idea of leaving, but I also know how each tragedy molded us into the people we are today. We are different, stronger, and closer. We may be the last graduating batch of 2010, but we are the happiest.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us this day, to be together, to be thankful, to be alive.

It is, the happiest feeling on earth.

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